Manage IT

Manage-IT-PageOur managed services portfolio provides you peace of mind that the technical elements of managing your network are under control.

Asset / Device Monitoring and Management

Our state-of-the-art, remote monitoring systems lets us know about problems with your network environment before they affect you.

Our automated tools daily scan your network to produce a list of your hardware and software, keeping track of what you have and notifying us if something changes – a valuable tool for current assessment and future planning.

We also have the capacity to track assets against your office locations and the staff that operate them. In the event of the termination of a staff member, we are able to tell you what equipment that staff member had available to them, disable it, and organise its return to your asset store for reassignment.

Our best-in-class management system allows our engineers to take control of any device and perform remote fixes that allow remediation in approximately 75% of incidents. Our remote management tools allow us to connect into your network without assistance via multiple paths to guarantee immediate supportability.

Antivirus & Malware/Spyware Protection

We install and maintain anti-spy and virus software on all covered PC’s, ensuring immediate detection and prevention to keep you up-to-date and always protected from the ever-growing threat of intrusion.

Monthly reports can be viewed on the status of your machines and Tech Project pro-actively monitors for machines that do not receive updated spyware signatures. Troubleshooting efforts ensue immediately on detection of non-compliant machines to ensure that you are protected at all times. Tech Project checks for new spyware signatures every 12 hours and distributes new signatures upon detection. You are always up-to-date and protected from any known spyware or viruses.

Mail (Spam) Filtering

We filter all incoming email messages, eliminating unwanted ones before they arrive, keeping your mailbox uncluttered by unwelcome and malicious visitors.

Spam, which consists of unsolicited e-mail messages, can quickly overwhelm your e-mail Inbox. Such messages typically consist of commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Using Tech Project to filter all of your incoming email messages allows you to eliminate these unwanted messages before they arrive in your Inbox.

Web Filtering

We deliver Web Filtering to your business by replacing your core routers with WebGuard Technology. This allows us to deliver a Layer 7 filtering service. For example, we can detect and log use of Facebook down to the text users are typing into the application. We can permit the use of Facebook while banning use of games and the uploading of documents or files.

We can report on staff usage of any website, and even allow the browsing of Social Networking websites within limited time windows, for example, at lunchtime.

Management of Software Updates

Major software providers like Microsoft release updates almost daily as patches. Our systems check network devices for the latest patches that provide details to automatically deploy the updates – allowing clients to run the most current and secure versions.

Server and Core Infrastructure Management

We monitor backend infrastructure for uptime, including: switches, routers, servers with multiple different systems, thus allowing us a better transparency into your network. This includes SNMP, Netflow, Services, Process and more.

Managed Backup Services

We back up your critical data remotely and automatically, removing the “human” element, or the potential for error, lost data, or security breaches, ensuring your peace of mind in protecting and restoring vital information.

We offer both onsite and offsite backup solutions to provide security and disaster-ready points for restore.

Operational Benefits

  • Backups are done automatically on predefined schedule
  • Data is protected and stored offsite immediately or on media onsite
  • Standardized key policies and procedures throughout the organization
  • Customized data protection to align with corporate initiatives
  • Reduced backup window and elimination of the need to perform full backups
  • Backups are automatically confirmed on a daily basis
  • Restoration to multiple locations from single workstation
  • Customized data restoration process

Business Benefits

  • Ready the organization for Disaster Recovery
  • Meet regulatory or statutory requirements
  • Reporting capabilities for audits and testing
  • Centrally managed upgrades, backups, restores and installations from one machine
  • Greater employee productivity by increasing access to vital application data
  • Increased security of stored data

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