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You just want IT to work. How frustrating is it to have your PC lock up in the middle of trying to get an important piece of information to a client? What if your iPhone won’t sync with your calendar as you are leaving on a week-long business trip? Sound familiar? We have the answer.

Our end-user Helpdesk is manned in our facility with trained engineers who have the processes and technology to remotely diagnose and remediate issues.

The reason Tech Project’s Helpdesk services lead the market is Time – Time is big money; downtime is HUGE money. Our escalation process ensures quicker remediation with a team of certified professionals utilizing best-in-class tools that have much greater bandwidth than one or a few technicians onsite.

We can take control of your handheld device no matter where in the world you are to fix problems as simple as unlocking a keyboard, or as complex as restarting services. Need to keep working in a Word document while your email issues are resolved? No problem. End result – peace of mind.

Our Products

Helpdesk (ad-hoc)

Helpdesk ad-hoc is the ‘Helpdesk Unlimited’ service, charged per the hour consumed in 15 minute increments. To proceed with support you will be asked for approval and a purchase order to receive the support, and our team will usually provide a fixed estimate of hours to resolve the problem.

Helpdesk (capped)

Helpdesk Capped is the ‘Helpdesk Unlimited’ service, limited to 15 minutes per ticket. After 15 minutes you will be asked for approval and a purchase order for support to be continued on the ticket, or to escalate to Field Support.

Helpdesk (unlimited)

Our service desk responds and acts on alerts, issues, and customer inquiries regarding the covered components of their Tech Project contract for up to 24x7x4 support.

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