Computing Services

Field Support

Field-Support-PageWe come to your site to deliver.

Computers continue to be engineered to run faster and harder, and the reality is that consequently things break down.

We know you need a team that is available to respond and assist you, ensuring continuing productivity.

Our focus as a company is all about productivity.

As a customer we are interested in seeing your team maintain its highest rate of performance. In the event of IT issues arising, we want them dealt with swiftly and resolved quickly so that you get back to doing what you do best: making money for your business.

We can provide tech support as add hoc or under contract, providing multiple solutions to fit your business needs.

Wellness Visits

Our dedicated Technology Consultant will deliver and review with you a quarterly update on the health of your network, including a history of incidents, results, up-time and proactive maintenance, so as to give a detailed account of all activities.

Where required at wellness visits, our technology consultant will provide 15 minutes per device advice and support.

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