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Virtual Desktop

Virtual-Desktop-PageWhat is Virtual Desktop?

Virtual desktop is the technology that enables your computer and applications to follow you around from device to device in a secure and reliable way.

Its presence, its file, and accessibility are driven out of a data centre in a secure environment. The datacentre that Tech Project base their racks at are 5 nines protected - that’s 99.999% secure.

Why Use a Virtual Desktop?

Better computer performance, managed file backups and improved security and virus protection.

Managed file backups

Cloud Tech Project backups your files daily. We take backups seriously to protect against hardware failures. We can even restore a file that you accidentally deleted or modified.

Improved cloud security

Using Cloud Tech Project you leverage an enterprise grade hosting infrastructure and all associated security measures. Check out our hosted desktop security page for more details.

Anywhere, Anytime, 2 clicks

From any device, anywhere at anytime you can connect to our environment with no more than 2 clicks.

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