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Decentralisation-pageDoes this sound like you?

  • Do you have a traditional business where you relegate your servers to the broom closet, and as you continue to grow they continue to heat up?
  • Were your servers underneath a fire sprinkler, with no off power redundancy, with no form of cooling and environmental controls?
  • Is your speed limited based on the capacity of internet in your building?

What is Decentralization?

The idea of decentralising your businesses is to move your back end systems and infrastructure into a data centre which has a much greater capacity in a secure, safe, and scalable environment.

The speed of the Internet connection from the individual is limited (on average) to less than 5 Mb. Subsequently, performance in and out of the business is crippling and slow.

Moving to the Data Centre means that where one or two people working remotely before was a limit, now you can easily supply access to hundreds if not thousands on a scalable and elastic basis.

Purchasing traditional assets like UPS, Phone Systems, and Servers which restrict you to a particular location is no longer economical.

How do I decentralise?

You just need commercial grade internet services, some advice and a structured private cloud environment.

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