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Virtual Chief Information Officer


We believe that all things rise and fall on Leadership. In SME's, Directors and CxO’s regularly struggle translating business objectives to IT managers, thereby losing direct connection with strategy and accountability for budgets.

The leadership should understand broad technology and architecture concepts similar to a CFO overseeing an accounting team.

If the overarching leadership does not understand these principles, team members attempt to answer what they believe the business should do based on latest trend, feedback from industry friends, or self-learning.

The cost for a Chief Information Officer in the corporate world can be expensive, so many SME’s just cannot afford to have a dedicated technology leader.

The purpose of the Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) is to fill the gap (at a very affordable price) where there is a lack in information technology capability.

This Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) will learn about your business and study the current status of your IT program.

They will work with your directors and executives to seek the best path to meet budget and capacity, representing your organization when dealing with external technology providers and overseeing the implementation of high-level IT programs.

We have a team of mature leaders who have successfully met many challenges, and who therefore provide additional direction through tough times.

Some of the services which this role fulfills are:

  • Business growth and strategy
  • Budget analysis and forecast
  • Management and Board Reporting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Disaster planning, prevention and recovery management

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